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We're here for South Africans who want to be in the driving seat of their life.

What South Africans told us

We offer products that answer the needs of everyday people. We help you get up and stay up.

Built on a strong foundation
Met GetUp

Mergered since 2010

A South African based financial services group born from the merger of two highly regarded and well established South African financial services organisations – Metropolitan Holdings and Momentum Group – in December 2010.

Met GetUp

Established 1897

Metropolitan was established in a small office in Paarl, Western Cape, in 1897, with the aim to of providing finance to those who could not afford to buy their own homes. The company was registered as the African Homes Trust. Since then, Metropolitan has experienced organic growth, have merged with other companies and acquired some to become what it is today.

Met GetUp

Started in 2019

The latest addition to the family, Metropolitan GetUp is an insights driven business, established in 2019 to serve the younger digitally savvy South African market with innovative solution to address their unique financial and lifestyle needs.

Creating employment opportunities for the youth
GetUp’s mission is to make a meaningful difference in South Africa by creating employment opportunities and ensuring sustainability for the South African youth.  We believe this is vital for the sustainability of our country. The Youth Content Collective is a new, exciting initiative built to grow talented creatives into entrepreneurs. We are super excited to share this opportunity with you.
A culture of passion and collaboration and a wealth of experience
Our people are our pride, they GetUp, GetDressed and ShowUp to make a difference.

This is it…

This is the space where I can bring my best
I am the master of my own fate
I show up, dressed in confidence and armed with skills
I know that I can’t succeed without my tribe
It’s not about what I can do but it’s about what we can achieve

Together, we step out of our boxes and work towards a common goal
We use our collective talents and creativity to make a difference
We are open-minded, proud and committed
To achieve our goals we communicate, apply discipline, consistency and swag
We share our successes and failures
And when we win, we own our bragging rights
Our foundation is transparency, trust and integrity

Through collaboration, we can achieve greater things
Though sometimes we may trip over ourselves, we always get up
How we get up, determines our success
We are convicted but can be flexible
We are diverse but unified
We know when to follow the rules and when to disrupt
We actively listen but we can also speak our minds
Our purpose is to create value by putting our clients first

Welcome to the future!

Met GetUp