An Innovative First: Protected against the worst with Life Hacks that Pays

By Liezel Gordon
6/24/2020 | 3 min read

Hack your way to success with protection against the worst

Your most valuable asset is probably your ability to work and earn an income.  That’s good enough reason to want to protect and grow it.

If something had to happen to prevent us from working and earning an income, it would send many of us into a state of anxiety and panic, making it hard for us to cope.  How would we continue to pay bills and where would relief measures come from? That’s why there is income protection insurance, right? If you are fortunate enough to have Employee Benefits via your employer you might have some income protection or if you’ve had a discussion with a financial planner they might have explained the value of life cover to you.

There is however a gap and a real concern that needs to be addressed: how to cover critical expenses should you lose your income?  What most people don’t realise is the implications immediately after a traumatic event occurs which results in you not being able to work.  Traditional Income Protection solutions provide relief over the longer term but usually require that you first take all your sick leave, remaining annual leave and sometimes even unpaid leave until all the insurance documentation, doctor’s reports, and the proof is submitted and the claim approved.  In most cases, this causes devastation over the short term when there is trauma and additional expenses to deal with.

If, after assessment, you are declared fit to return to work following an extended recovery period, you could return without possibly any leave and a loss of income over the short term.

GetUp’s new Income Protection plan is different in that it supplements more traditional offerings by bridging the gap and providing an income of up to R25 000 per month for up to 12 months, in the case of an incapacitating event or death.

This plan covers loss of income in an event of death, disability, or a serious illness or injury that prevents you from being able to work.  Not only does it provide peace of mind during the worst of times, but it can also earn you real money rebates of up to 30% annually for taking co-accountability to support your career and income growth.  By offering life hacks that require you to achieve specified outcomes, this plan supports your efforts to take advantage of opportunities to grow your career and better manage your finances.

This value for money plan is cost-effective and you can get a no-obligation quote online. If you are comfortable with the quote you can also buy the solution in less than 5 minutes.

Claims are facilitated digitally with no paperwork or manual submission required.  Once confirmed that you will not be able to return to work for a period of more than 30 days,  the first payment is made immediately and then monthly for the period of cover selected for up to 12 months.

Not only does this support you and/or your family financially immediately while you are dealing with life-changing events, but it also allows time for longer-term solutions to take effect and for you to finalise the required claim requirements for your longer-term benefits without financial strain.

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