Funeral Terms and Conditions


I understand and confirm that:

  1. This application is my applicable for insurance. Metropolitan GetUp may decline this application.
  2. I am responsible to check that the information provided in this application is materially correct and complete.  It is the basis for the proposed insurance plan. The insurance plan may be cancelled if the information is not materially correct and complete. Metropolitan GetUp will decide whether to cancel the plan and will not refund any premiums.
  3. In terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, I may be obliged to provide certain documents to Metropolitan GetUp.  If I do not provide the documents, it may not be possible to proceed with my application for insurance.  Any loss caused by the delay is my loss.
  4. The maximum commission payable in the first year of my plan or in the first year after an increase in premium is calculated as 3.25% of the yearly premium multiplied by the outstanding plan term. For outstanding plan terms greater than 26 years the commission is calculated as 85% of the premium payable in the first 12 months. The maximum commission payable to the financial adviser in the second year of my plan or in the second year after an increase in premium is one-third of the commission payable in the first year. If I want to know the actual commission paid, I will contact Metropolitan.
  5. The important terms including the benefits, charges, waiting periods, exclusions, and restrictions were explained to me during enrolment. The information is also available on the Metropolitan GetUp website and is in my Plan documentation. If I do not receive my policy documentation, I can request a copy at any time via
  6. If I, any family member or any close associate of mine are currently in a prominent or influential position in any country or have held any such position in the recent past I will report this immediately via
  7. I am aware that Metropolitan GetUp will process my personal information for the purpose of providing me with insurance.  I can request and update my personal information held by Metropolitan GetUp at any time by contacting them via
  8. By completing this application I give Metropolitan GetUp consent to send ongoing information about how to manage and improve my plan and about new solutions. I can withdraw this consent at any stage.
  9. I received financial advice from Metropolitan GetUp in accordance with my specific objectives and needs that we agreed to focus on. The appropriateness of this advice may be limited. I confirm that I must take particular care to consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of my objectives, financial situation and particular needs.
  10. I am satisfied that the conversation accurately records my financial objectives, financial situation and needs.
  11. This plan is suitable for my needs and circumstances.
  12. Metropolitan GetUp cannot be held liable for any third-party financial advice I may have received.
  13. I have reviewed my personal finances and am satisfied that I can afford the quoted monthly payment for the Metropolitan Funeral Plan.
  14. If you do not want to go ahead with this plan, you have 31 days from the date you receive your Plan Summary or should reasonably have received it to cancel the plan. You can do so by contacting us via