Declarations and disclosures

Legal and compliance

As a financial institution, we have to adhere to certain legal and compliance requirements. Carefully read the following important information:

Your declarations

My plan

  • I have completed all the required fields for my quote. I have read each page and understand the content. The benefits and Life Hacks I have chosen help me achieve my needs are appropriate. I understand that, if I have chosen to add Value Protection to my plan, it will increase my premium annually, as well as my cover level. This will help protect my insurance cover against future increases in costs (inflation).
  • I am responsible for checking that the information given in this application is correct and complete, even if a financial coach completes this on my behalf. This information is the basis for the proposed insurance plan. The plan may be cancelled if the information is incorrect and incomplete. Metropolitan GetUp will decide whether to cancel the plan or refund any premiums.
  • Metropolitan GetUp will send me a copy of the record of advice. Should I not receive it, I can request a copy free of charge at any time. Upon request, Metropolitan GetUp will supply me with a copy of an application form or a record of any transaction.
  • This is my application for insurance from Metropolitan GetUp. Metropolitan GetUp may decline it.

Replacement of existing financial products

  • Metropolitan GetUp does not advise me on whether I should or should not replace an existing financial product I may currently own with this product. Metropolitan GetUp recommends that I consider my financial needs and goals and ensure that the financial products that I own are suitable to meet my needs and goals.


  • The maximum commission payable to a financial coach, should I opt to consult one, in the first year of my plan or in the first year after an increase in premium is calculated as follows: 3.26% of the treaty premium multiplied by the outstanding plan term. For outstanding plan terms greater than 26 years the commission is calculated as follows: 85% of the yearly premium. The maximum commission payable to the financial coach in the second year of my plan or in the second year after an increase in premium is one-third of the commission payable in the first year. If I want to know the actual commission paid, I will contact Metropolitan GetUp.

 The Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act

  • In terms of the Act, I may be required to give Metropolitan GetUp certain documents. If I don’t give them these documents it may not be possible to continue with my application for insurance. Any loss caused by the delay is my loss.

 Your personal information

  • I am aware that Metropolitan GetUp will process my personal information for the purpose of providing me with insurance. I can request and correct my personal information at any time. For more information on Metropolitan GetUp’s Privacy Policy I can refer to
  • I will notify Metropolitan GetUp of changes to my personal information as this may affect my cover.

Prominent influential persons

A prominent influential person (PIP) is a person entrusted or who’s been entrusted in the past with a prominent public function It includes such functions in local or foreign countries A PIP status is not only relevant to government employees or a person involved in politics, it includes for example, the manager who awards tenders in the local municipality who has influence to manipulate the flow of monies, and other senior designations such as judges; members of ruling or royal families; military officers; heads of state; heads of government or cabinet ministers; influential people in nationalised industries; senior or influential representatives of a religious organisation (only if the functions are connected to political, judicial, military or administrative matters).

  • I have agreed that neither I, nor a family member (spouse, child, brother, sister, parent, other blood relative, or relative by marriage) or any close associate (business colleague, adviser, or consultant) was involved in an important public function in South Africa or any other country.


  • Metropolitan GetUp has a conflict of interest management policy, which you can find on our website.

Client agreements

Marketing consent

As part of your plan, Metropolitan GetUp will send you on-going information about how to improve your plan and your financial wellness.

I am aware that Metropolitan GetUp will process my personal information for the purposes of providing me with insurance. I can request and update my personal information held by Metropolitan GetUp at any time by contacting them via

Metropolitan GetUp is part of Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited, a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited. We may share your personal information with other companies in Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited. I can request that my personal information is not shared by Metropolitan GetUp at any time by contacting them via

By completing this application I give Metropolitan GetUp consent to send ongoing information about how to manage and improve my plan and about new solutions. I can withdraw this consent at any stage by contacting them via

Financial analysis

I confirm that I haven’t provided information for a financial needs analysis. I understand that:

  • No analysis of my financial situation has been carried out.
  • I have not received financial advice from Metropolitan GetUp or it Financial Coaches.
  • I have carefully considered whether the product is suitable for my needs, goals and circumstances.
  • I understand the known risks.