Getup Life Hacks

By Metropolitan GetUp

GetUp Life Hacks guides, motivates and rewards you for taking everyday steps on your financial life goals journey while you are navigating your career and adulting.

Make the most of your money

GetUp has identified actions you can take that we believe will benefit you. Should you take action, you will be equipped to live a healthier financial lifestyle – and the best part of all is that you can also earn rebates for doing it.

Our Life Hacks programme is not linked to beans, bucks, points, or any of these confusing reward mechanisms. It’s simple: You decide to participate and use the Life Hacks to help you achieve your goals.

Select a life hack below and get started!

What makes Life Hacks so cool?
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Free Life Hacks that benefit your finances.

Participate in our Life Hacks free of charge – sign up and get started.

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Practical coaching tools to put you in control.

Get on top of your credit report, learn a new skill, start a savings habit, understand your finances better and take control of achieving your goals.

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Earn premiums back for taking control.

Get premiums paid back to you in cash for taking part in completing our Life Hacks if you have a participating insurance product with us.