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Your Credit Report is the key to understanding your ability to access credit

Knowing your credit score gives you an idea of how easy or difficult it will be for you to access credit. It’s a quick and easy process; you simply register and provide the relevant detail to request your credit report, and you’ll get your confidential credit report emailed to you within minutes (don’t worry, we can’t see the information – this is for your eyes only). Your report will give you your credit score and payment behaviour to see how well you’re doing.

What makes this report so cool?
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Your credit report reveals your credit worthiness.

Knowing your credit score gives you the power so you can plan better and live more! Our credit report gives you a clear picture of your credit score, and you can take corrective steps to improve it if it isn’t at an acceptable level.

If there are errors in credit repayment information, personal details or credit account errors, you can rectify them because now you know. Most importantly you will have a reference for when you get in touch with your creditors. This helps you make sure that you avoid mistakes that negatively impact your score and potential financial prospects.

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Do the right thing AND earn rebates!

A good Credit Score is a Life Hack solution that gives YOU peace of mind and money back in your pocket!  By knowing your credit score, you can either take steps to improve it or, you have the peace of mind that you are handling your money and your credit responsibly. 

Having a good credit score means YOU get DOUBLE the benefits if you have our GetUp Atom Plan. Maintain a good credit score and you can qualify for up to 2% of your premiums back in cash, every year. It’s like being protected and having a savings plan all in one!

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You get the full picture

Your actual credit score is just a number, which can be hard to understand on its own. That’s why we give you the full picture by showing your payment behaviour too. One of the most important determining factors of your overall credit score is how you manage your repayments over time. Are you always on time? Have you ever missed a payment? ​Now you’ll be able to see the answers to these questions.

Your credit report will reveal all your credit accounts and how well you are managing these repayments. You’ll also know where you are behind on payments and where you are maintaining good repayments.


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