Debt consolidation loan

By Bayport Financial Services Debt Consolidation Loan

The first step to becoming debt free.

All your debt under one plan

Metropolitan GetUp partners various companies to provide employees with preferential debt consolidation rates, putting money back in their pockets. If your company is one of our partners, you may qualify for a lower interest rate on a consolidation loan that will put all your debt under one plan. Complete the form below to take advantage of this offer.

If you are not employed by any of our partner companies, you may contact Bayport Financial Services directly.


What makes this plan so cool?
Met GetUp

Pay less in admin fees.

One payment for all your debt with the added bonus of reduced administration fees and insurance payments.

Met GetUp

A flat interest rate.

Flat interest rate, flexible terms (you pick your own terms).

Met GetUp

Quick and easy service online.

Bayport Financial Services is one of South Africa’s largest credit providers that can service people anywhere in the country. With a simple online application, you can find out instantly if you qualify for a certain amount towards your debt consolidation.

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