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By Metropolitan GetUp Funeral Fusion

Upgrade your funeral plan and save!

Your Funeral Plans could have reached their sell by date! It probably seems like a great idea to have multiple funeral policies so that you feel completely covered for any situation. This is not the case, the reality is that you may be losing precious money that you could be using in other ways – beyond death you may lose your job, fall sick or incur a terrible injury that prevents you from earning an income. Do you feel covered enough for those situations?

If you have more than one funeral policy, we could save you money and help you plan for life’s unexpected events. Trade in all the old plans and get a quote from us to see if we can save you money every month while you keep the same benefits.  

The best part? If we provide you with the same cover and benefits no new waiting period will apply. If we can’t save you money, you win anyway – we’ll give you R250 in Takealot shopping vouchers for taking the time to get a quote, to spend on whatever you want.

You deserve cover from the provider that delivers, with our reputation for great service and excellence in paying claims you know there’s no funny business  – #insuranceisnotoursidehustle, it’s what we do each and every day! 

Calculate your funeral needs with our easy to use planner:

What makes this plan so cool?
Met GetUp

Simplify monthly payments and save on bank charges and fees.

Reducing the number of providers you need to pay and deal with simplifies your monthly admin and payments. It also reduce bank charges by having less debit or stop orders. In addition you avoid excessive bank charges should those debit orders bounce.

Met GetUp

Free up money to take care of things that matter.

If you do save money because of trading in your old funeral plans, you will have extra cash in your pocket for other needs. For example a saving of R90 per month translates to a saving of over R5000 over 5 years, now that’s serious cash.

If you don’t save, you still win. We’ll give you R250 in Takealot shopping vouchers to spend on whatever you like.

Met GetUp

No additional waiting periods.

This is the fine print that makes a difference. You won’t lose the benefit of having completed a waiting period or part of it, if it was already completed or partially completed on the policy you had with the previous insurer.

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