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By Metropolitan GetUp Income Protection

Affordable protection for your income against unexpected life events.

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Protect your most valuable asset

Are you a breadwinner, a commission earner or someone working a side hustle to cover your expenses?  If you are, you’ll know, losing your income does not mean losing your expenses, they just keep coming.  In some instances you might be lucky enough to have Employee Benefits, but even then, they take long to pay out.

You will be able to protect your income for up to R25 000 per month for a period of up to  12 months. This plan pays out in an event that you are ill or injured for 30 days or more. 

We payout from the first month that you don’t earn an income.  To claim, you need to submit a doctor’s note confirming your injury or illness and that you are booked off for 30 days or more.

Note: There is no waiting period for accidental injury or death.

What makes this plan so cool?
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Cover critical expenses.

Your critical expenses or your family’s are taken care of should you become incapacitated or pass away. A unique feature of this plan is that it covers critical expenses that you would have paid from your main or side hustle income. This provides you with time to work through the trauma of a life changing event.

Met GetUp

Life hacks.

It offers life hacks that help you grow your career & gives you rebates of up to 30% of premiums paid per annum.
Learn more about our Life Hacks programme.

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Immediate payout.

You get immediate payout to help you cope with the demands of losing your income. This also allows you time to sort out a more permanent solution.

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