Debt Management Solution MMH Staff Offer

Metropolitan GetUp has partnered with Bayport to offer our employees a Debt Management Solution that is changing lives.

The offering is available to full-time employees of MMH who have a basic element to their remuneration. 

The solution gives MMH staff access to:

  • Loan and card consolidation at significantly reduced staff rates, into a single repayment amount
  • Rates are dropped from as high as 33% down to 19.95%
  • Consolidation/loans up to 248K subject to strict affordability rules
  • Creditor negotiations for significant settlement discounts
  • Debt rehabilitation support for employees in serious trouble
  • Free Consumer Friendly Credit Reports

Terms and Conditions:

  • 21% interest
  • Minimum 1 year full service
  • Excludes all variable earners
  • Only monthly salaried earners
  • Full time employers only

You don’t have to battle the debt crisis on your own.  There’s help.

Simply click here to start your journey to becoming debt free.

What some of our customers had to say,

Testimonial 1

An MMH employee, a single mom found herself in financial trouble as debt piled up…..

“This is a great initiative. Many people are going to benefit. We need a proper company to assist us.

Currently there are plenty of staff taking loans at “loan sharks” because that’s the only option for them. These loan sharks charge sometimes up to 50% interest on the amount borrowed!

This is what got me into a situation.  You have no idea how grateful I am, to finally be free of that kind of debt.

May you be blessed beyond measure.”

Testimonial 2

When I called Bayport I was under debt review with loan sharks all around me”:

Bayport indicated that they will firstly need to get me off debt review, but it would be a long process – I laughed and

thought to myself, I will never be free financially free!

To my surprise, after 30 days, I was off debt review and soon after, my debt was consolidated.

I’m still young with so much I still want to do in life and am truly grateful for what you did for me and the service, zeal & patience of your coaches”

Testimonial 3

Mr MM a service centre consultant was unlawfully placed under debt review and fighting for 7 years to clear his name…..

“ You guys have changed my life.  This is the best thing that has happened to me in the past decade.

No-one would come near me and this has been a nightmare – with your help, I’m now even able to buy a house.

I don’t have enough words to express what you guys have done for me”.


Testimonial 4

Four months after getting help via our Debt Solution, life presented an opportunity Queen B had always dreamed of…….

“In March 2020 I heard about the solution and consolidated my debt.  The savings made through consolidation meant I could now save. Fast forward to July 2020, I urgently required a small lumpsum to place a deposit on a home.

The savings I made via consolidation assisted me to raise almost half my deposit on my own but I now needed the balance.

Knowing that no bank would assist me due to my poor credit score, I contacted Met GetUp to explain my predicament. In no time a coach was assigned to me and I was helped.

Thank you bokkie for everything you guys

have done for me!”