Pump The Brakes On Fuel Spending

By Litha Maqungo
6/1/2022 | 2 min read

The unprecedented fuel hike has all South Africans feeling the pinch. So, we decided to deep dive into the very small but, easy ways you can save on fuel. With a fuel a hike of over R2 that went into effect on 1 June, every penny counts. Read on for our tips and share them with your friends and family.

Under (Tyre) Pressure 

If your tires are too soft you tend to use more fuel, make sure you inflate your tires to the recommended pressure.  You can generally find these specifications in the windowsill or door frame of the drivers’ door.

Lighten The Load 

If you are driving around with a lot of baggage in your boot, lighten the load to lighten your petrol use.

Keep It Closed 

Driving with the windows closed means that your vehicle is aerodynamic as it was intended by the manufacturer. Opening your windows creates drag and spends more fuel.

Skip The Aircon 

Luckily its winter but just in case, use the aircon sparingly as the aircon belt puts drag on the engine which uses fuel to compensate for that drag.

Don’t Skip The Service 

Making sure your car is up to date with all its services may feel expensive upfront but will end up saving you money as your car remains fuel efficient and you will get more for it when you trade it in/sell.

Slow Down 

Accelerating slowly and coasting more will conserve fuel while you are driving, as will driving at or below the speed limit. Try to time trips so you bypass rush hours, since traffic jams and stop-and-go city driving can lead to wasted petrol.

Diesel Drivers

Shop around for the best price as each petrol station can be different from the next.

NB: Just beware very cheap diesel can be contaminated (dirty diesel) which is sold in bulk for trucks

And for bonus bucks…

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