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All families are different

Flexible and affordable funeral cover for you and your family

This solution was created with that in mind. With one plan, you can cover yourself, your immediate and extended family. The payout is immediate. When tragedy strikes, you or your family do not have to worry about money.

Calculate your funeral needs with our easy to use planner:

What makes this plan so cool?
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It’s fully customisable.

You customise your cover according to your individual needs. You choose who and what is important when paying for or contributing to a funeral. We then calculate how much you would need to make all of that possible. The total becomes your cover amount.

Met GetUp

Cover for up to 20 people.

You can cover up to 20 people on one plan.  Cover for yourself and your immediate family members of up to R80 000 each is available.  Parents and extended family members can be covered for up to R50 000 each.

Met GetUp

No Medical Checks.

You don’t need to do any medical health checks for this plan. At claim stage, you can submit a claim online without additional paperwork. All valid claims are paid out in less than 24hrs.

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4.5: (6)

The best choice... I had a cover only 4 months and my hubby passed away. Metropolitan sorted me out. I'm proud of this company.. for funeral cover u the best.
Always willing to give help were needed