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All families are different

Flexible and affordable funeral cover for you and your family

This plan was created with you in mind! Cover yourself and your family on one plan. Buy online and benefit from the most affordable rates in the industry. In tough times, we’re there for you with our flexible payment options and our value-added benefits. When tragedy strikes, payout is immediate, and you and your family do not have to worry about money.


Calculate your funeral needs with our easy to use planner:
What makes this plan so cool?
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It’s fully customisable.

You customise your cover according to your individual needs. You choose who and what is important when paying for or contributing to a funeral. We then calculate how much you would need to make all of that possible. The total becomes your cover amount.

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Cover and benefits for you

You can cover your whole family (up to 20 people) on one plan. We offer a range of value-added benefits for you to choose from, to further protect you and your family. Funeral cover and added benefits up to R100 000 is available per member covered. Monthly payments depend on who you’d like to cover, how much cover you take and how old they are.

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Flexible payment, putting control back into your hands.

We create flexibility to put control back into your hands. Pay any amount, any time of the month in any way. We offer cash, debit order, stop order, online and subscription payments. We believe you should be able to choose how you’d like to pay!

It’s all in the details...

You are the best person to build your financial future. By committing and sticking to your plan, your financial wellness journey will be a very rewarding one. Metropolitan GetUp’s online tools and coaches can help and guide you to properly understand your financial situation. Together we can arrive at the best solutions for your needs.


Take control of your financial wellness now. Even the smallest start can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of people you care about. Stick to these guidelines to keep your journey to financial wellness on track.

10 guidelines to achieve success
02Dignified Funeral Cover

We all want to show love and respect when a loved one passes away by being able to afford to pay for a dignified funeral. This may cost you some money, so it is important to plan for a funeral.

Plan a dignified funeral for you and your loved onesHow your funeral solution worksPlanning your funeral life eventThe people who play an important role in your planHow to claim when someone on your plan passes away
03People You Want To Plan For

You may cover up to a maximum of 20 lives including the plan owner.

Immediate familyParentsExtended familyWaiting periods
04Choose Your Benefits

When applying for the Metropolitan Funeral plan online, a six percent Value Protection benefit is included on application. Once your policy is issued, you can choose whether you want to keep or remove the benefit.

Built-in benefitsOptional add-on benefits



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