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Your score translates to a level of trust with lenders.

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Knowing your credit score gives you an idea of how easy or difficult it will be for you to have access to credit. When you provide us with your details, we will send  your free credit report to your email indicating your credit score and your payment behaviour. How you behave will determine your credit score.

You will find out how you scored in a matter of minutes. This is the starting point to knowing what to do to improve your credit score.

What makes this report so cool?
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Your credit report reveals your credit worthiness.

It gives a clear picture of your credit score and you can take corrective steps to improve it if it is not at an acceptable level.

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Spot errors.

If there are errors in credit repayment information, personal details or credit account errors, you are able to rectify them because you are now aware of them and that will avoid mistakes negatively impacting your score.

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Managing repayments.

Your credit report will reveal all your credit accounts and how well you are managing your repayments. You will also know where you are behind on payments and where you are maintaining good repayments.

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