Why partnering is good for business

By Liezel Gordon
8/19/2020 | 4 min read

Life is complex and often people need a variety of solutions to satisfy their unique needs and circumstances. The financial service industry is complex and it’s better to deal with “specialists in a specific field” than with “Jacks of all trades”. Doing this helps save you time and avoid the many complexities which come with partnering with the so-called “jacks of all trades”.

We believe partnering is good for our clients, for our business and our partners’ business. We are however mindful of whom we partner with. Our partners must understand and have the same passion for our market, offer great value to them, and have a solid and trusted reputation of delivery. The key is symbiotic partnerships that ensure shared value and commitment to our purpose. If everyone believes that in their unique way they are contributing to the bigger purpose and does so with passion and energy, the result is bound to be pleasing to our customer base. We end up with a 1+1 = 3 equation.

Here’s the thinking. We often hear “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – especially when it comes to your money. But would it not be amazing to have a “one-stop-shop” that allows you to “spread your eggs” over different solutions and providers? We believe that would be the ultimate – easy process, relevant solutions backed by the best providers.

This is why GetUp partners – to offer our clients the best there is to offer. We understand the young digitally savvy consumer in South Africa and we have and will continue to co-create solutions with them. We know that time is money and attention is scarce due to the exposure to huge amounts of information, daily. We, therefore, understand that simplicity, relevance, ease, and availability are key. That is why our online platform offers a one-stop digital access solution to a variety of solutions from the best partners. For us, the journey has only just started and we look forward to revealing some exciting new partnerships as our business grows.

Some of the partnerships that allow GetUp to bring relevant and good value products to clients include:

Root – A startup founded in 2016 offering new generation technology to enable insurance companies to move quickly whilst using solid backend systems and processes. Root; Guardrisk and GetUp have recently launched an Income Protection Plan. Watch out for our next article to learn more.
Metropolitan – we believe Metropolitan’s Funeral and Savings solutions are the best in the industry – both are great offers considering the client’s needs.
Comparisure – specializes in chatbots. We have partnered with them to offer financial solutions online via social media, a platform that we believe is preferred by our clients.
Bayport – A debt consolidation provider with the right intent. Loans can be a lifeline or result in financial disaster if not managed properly. This is why we believe partnering with Bayport was critical. They are experts at loans – they are passionate about the South African youth market and they work with us to ensure our clients get the right solution for their needs.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing blog posts on each of our partnerships to provide further insight into how they are enabling our clients, our business, and making financial service more accessible for young, digitally savvy, South Africans.

We will also be launching some exciting new partnerships. We cannot wait to share these with you. Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to stay connected and be informed of any new and exciting developments.

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